Natural Pregnancy Program with Lime From Dewi Yull Therapy, Maybe most people do not know that lime therapy is believed to increase fertility to get pregnant quickly.

This has also been done by many people who follow the pregnancy program. Not just a myth, lime is believed to have many beneficial contents to help the pregnancy process.

Lime is good for fertility
Lime is Good for Pregnancy Programs

No wonder that lime therapy is often used especially for women who want to get pregnant and do not miscarry easily.

As we know that getting a baby is the dream of all married couples.

For this reason, various ways are done so that each married couple gets a baby. One step that can be done is to apply the therapy of lime.

So how do you do lemon therapy?

Lime therapy in the style of Dewi Yull, one of Indonesia's longtime artists, has proven its success with thousands of testimonies stating that mothers who had difficulty having children, now they have been blessed with children after undergoing lime therapy for 14 days, aka 2 weeks.

The method is quite easy, that is to squeeze pure lime juice without mixing it with water, honey or anything. Then the lime juice should be put in a cup. However, if the amount of lime is more and more that must be consumed, then it can be put in a glass.

The feeling of pure lime juice is then drunk directly, once the drink runs out immediately. Lime therapy or famous for its lime detox diet recipe is done only once a day. Namely after waking up and stomach in an empty condition that has not been filled with food or drink.

After drinking lime juice, you should wait up to 5 minutes for the reaction to work optimally. After that, you can drink water. It is recommended that you drink enough warm water, then eat and drink as usual.

With the recipe of the lemon lime detox diet for 14 days, Dewi Yull can have a fourth child, at the age of her who is no longer young her body back to fertile. And who would have thought on the 10th day of running lemon juice therapy, myoma in his body came out alone without surgery.

The doctor was amazed, why myoma can die by itself until Mrs. Dewi Yull was asked "In recent days any consumption until the myoma in the body comes out by itself"? Dewi Yull also answered, "I am running lime therapy".

The doctor immediately understood what was experienced by Ms. Dewi Yull, because lime contains vitamins C and B that are large enough to cleanse the body. So don't be weird anymore if in the treatment of jeniper (squeeze lime) is often used.

One of them is to launch menstruation, detoxify the body, cleanse the intestines, treat cholesterol, diabetes and also gout. Besides being able to cure various diseases above, lime is also beneficial for beauty, which can brighten and tighten the skin naturally.

Then how about the conditions, procedures and how long will the lime therapy be carried out? Let's keep watching until the article is complete, God willing, useful.

Before deciding to lime therapy first consider the conditions that must be done as follows.

Provisions for Lime Detox for Pregnancy and Health Programs (Myoma, Cysts, Irregular Menstruation, and Cleansing Blood):

Body condition must be fit. This means that the body is in good health and is not menstruating. Menstruation women should not run any detox. After menstruation is complete, you should wait 3-7 days before you can detox.

Lime must be pure. Oranges are squeezed and then drunk immediately until they are finished without any mixture.

Remember, drinking lime juice when the stomach is still empty. (After waking up when the stomach does not enter anything even though water)

Postpone drinking warm water after drinking the feeling of lime juice for at least 5-10 minutes and it is recommended to drink warm water or whatever.

If it is done for a pregnant program it is better to drink husband and wife. Because if women are difficult to get pregnant, most of them will be blamed on the women. Though not necessarily! So the husband should also take therapy so that blood flow is smooth and clean.

During detox, drink plenty of warm water, a minimum of 3 liters a day.

Expand to pray because this therapy is only one endeavor.

After knowing the terms and conditions of running a lime detox, then what is the right calculation for a good and correct lime detox?

Lime juice for Pregnant Programs
Lime juice for Pregnant Programs

How to Drink Lime Therapy by Goddess Yull for Promil, Detox, Clean the Uterus from Myoma and Cysts:

 Day 1- (2 grapefruit)
Day 2- (4 grapefruit)
Day 3- (8 grapefruit)
Day 4 - (12 grapefruit)
Day 5 - (16 grapefruit)
Day 6- - 20 lime seeds
Day 7 (24 lime)
Day 8 (24 lime)
Day 9 (20 lime)
Day 10 - (16 lime)
Day 11 - (12 lime)
Day 12 - (8 grapefruit)
Day 13 - (4 grapefruit)
Day 14 - (2 grapefruit)

Abstinence (Which Is Not Allowed To Run Lime Detox):

  • People who have kidney problems.
  • Pregnant Women & Busui (Pregnant and Breastfeeding Mothers).
  • People who are allergic to lime juice.

This detox diet recipe for 14 days is done without interruption. If you stop in the middle of the road for any reason, then you can repeat again after 6 months. For patients with ulcers, God willing, safe. Rest assured, do not half measures except for those of you who are allergic to lime.

Promising with Dewi Yull lime is the cheapest pregnancy program. Because only by regularly consuming lime juice regularly you can maintain fertility and can cleanse the uterus from myoma or cysts. The side effects of lime therapy not only make the body healthy but also become more fit for activity.

For those of you who want to diet or want to lose weight with lemon it is quite easy. Please detox your body first by following the lime detox above, after the clean blood metabolism in the body will get better and certainly losing weight is not difficult.

You can try the lime diet when you wake up and before you go to sleep. The trick is to take 250 ml of warm water then give it 2 lime juice feeling in the morning and 2 grains in the evening before going to sleep. Continue to do it for at least 21 days, God willing, there have been changes in your kg.

Do not forget to multiply drinking water, light exercise or cardio at least 2x in a week. Eat regularly, take regular breaks and try to start at 6 pm stop eating large. If you are hungry you can eat fruits like apples, watermelons, pears, bananas etc.

So, the diet does not have to be with expensive ingredients huh? Because by consuming lime juice regularly can slimming the body quickly. Although the price is cheaper than lemons, the properties of lime are superior to lemons!

Likewise regarding the effective tricks of the Natural Pregnancy Program with Ala Dewi Yull Lime Therapy, if there is something unclear and someone wants to ask, please write it in the comments and I will be happy to answer it.

Good luck...

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