9 Natural Coloring Foods That Are Made From Safe and Healthy Fruits

Buahpedia.com , Hi sis how are you? Good luck, everyone. On this occasion we will discuss what are the natural dyes of food made from fruit that are safe and healthy. Aside from its beautiful appearance and delicious taste, the color of the food can also affect the tastes of you know sis, don't you believe it ???

Therefore, this time Buahpedia.com will provide any information on the side of the fruit that has a certain color pigment to be used as a safe natural food coloring.

Natural food coloring is safe and healthy
Natural Fruit Pigments Good For Food Coloring

Especially if the food is for baby and family consumption, what a pity if you have to use chemical dyes that are not sure safe for sis kids. So, I don't have to worry anymore about the impact of chemicals because of food coloring.

Here are natural food coloring made from fruits that are safe and healthy:

1. Natural Red Dyes

Dragon fruit

Dragon fruit is quite popular in Indonesia. Fruit derived from one of these cactus plants can be used as a natural food coloring. The resulting color is a magenta red color.

The way to process it is also easy. You just have to smooth the flesh of the red dragon fruit with a blender then mix it with food that you want to be colored. In addition to fruit flesh, the skin of this dragon fruit can also be used as a natural food coloring.

2. Blue Natural Coloring


Blueberries are one type of blue-violet berries that are often found. Blueberries can produce attractive natural blue.

Blueberries contain vitamin C, vitamin A, vitamin K and vitamin B6. In addition, blueberries are also high in fiber and minerals. You can just smooth the blueberries and filter them to get the natural blue color of this fruit.

3. Natural Chocolate Coloring


For this brown color, it is not the fresh coconut that we use, but the processed product made from coconut, namely brown sugar. Besides having a sweet taste, brown sugar can also provide a brown color for food.

This dye is also often used as a coloring agent for dodol and porridge.

4. Yellow Natural Dyes


The red color of tomatoes also comes from the lycopene pigment, especially the skin.
To get lycopene pigments, you can use chemical solvents, such as ethyl acetate and n hexane, and do not dissolve in water.

5. Natural Purple Coloring

Jamblang Fruit

Jamblang or Duwet is a kind of dark purple fruit.
The dark purple color in Jamblang comes from anthocyanin content.

To get this color we can extract with hydrophilic solvents.

Mulberry Fruit

Fruit which is famous for its leaves for food silkworm, can also be used as food coloring.
By smoothing the fruit, it is easy to get a reddish purple color for food.

6. Natural Black Dyes

Kluwak fruit

Kluwak is a kind of fruit, whose seeds can be used as a cooking spice or coloring.
If you want to get a black or dark brown color, simply by taking the meat that is in the seeds.

7. Natural White Dyes


Producing white color from natural ingredients is to use coconut starch extract, namely coconut milk. Coconut milk has often been used as food and beverage ingredients.

It's easy to do, just shred the coconut and add a little water and squeeze. But the use of coconut milk can affect the taste of food.

8. Natural Orange Coloring

Orange Oranges

Use orange or sweet orange to give orange color pigments to food. Not only color, sweet orange also gives sweetness to food.

Therefore, you need to consider the type of food that is suitable to add orange juice to be colored. The method is simple, just cut the sweet orange and puree, squeeze to get the juice.

9. Natural Pink Coloring

Strawberry Fruit

Strawberry fruit can produce a natural color of pink. Strawberry fruit has a very high vitamin C content. For its processing as a color ingredient, you can just smooth a few strawberries and then filter it to get an extract from the red color.

If you want a more intense color, you can heat it up for a few moments.

Now that's sis various kinds of natural dyes made from fruit that Buahpedia.com summarizes that you can use for a variety of healthy dishes and beneficial to health. Have a try.

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